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Extending Your Home Near a Public Sewer

13.06.2017  |  

How CCTV Drain Surveys Can Help when Building Near a Sewer

Four Simple Steps to Take When Planning Your Extension

It's best not to build over public sewers, the problem is that many public sewers and shared lateral drains are not well mapped - especially in back gardens. When extensions are planned they tend to be built at the rear or side of the property and so can interfere with these shared drains.

If there are public sewers on your property then United Utilities (UU) has responsibility for them and is, in effect the owner. You will need their permission to build within 3 metres of any public sewer or shared lateral. You cannot build over any existing manholes and you may not connect to the main sewer without permission. 

So, what are the Four Simple Steps?

1.  Step 1: When you have your plans let United Utilities know what you intend to do. They will advise on any known public sewers within range of the work.

2.  Step 2: Engage a profession CCTV survey Company to map the existing drainage and plot the position and depth of the sewers. Unblock Cumbria is authorised by UU for this work and will sort out the permits to do the survey.

3.  Step 3: Agree with the UU any protective work during building works. 

4.  Step 4: At the end of building repeat the CCTV inspection work to demonstrate that the shared sewer has not been affected by the building work

If you are planning an extension or other building works then ask your architect / technician to contact us to discuss the drainage aspects of the work. We have accredited, qualified staff with the approved equipment who are authorized to inspect the public sewers. Call us today on 01900 870140 to discuss your project.