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Innovation and Nuclear Site Drain Cleaning

12.02.2016  |  

Drain cleaning on older nuclear sites is a problem. There might be historic contamination and suspected activity in surface water, process and foul effluent lines. Traditional drain cleaning methods can generate fugitive discharges and potentially contaminate hard to clean expensive capital equipment. These concerns have lead to nuclear sites to leave silts and debris in drains with the resulting reduction in performance of these site drains over time. 

The team at Unblock Cumbria identified this issue and developed technology  and containment procedures to allow drains to be cleaned without risking contamination of expensive capital equipment. The process generates a solid waste that is sufficiently dry to be acceptable as land fill waste. The technology has been used at nuclear sites and was short listed in the NDA Supply Chain Awards 2015 as Best application of an innovative solution with tangible savings/ benefits by an SME.

If you have an issue with drains at a nuclear site then we'd be pleased to help. Contact us on 01900 870140