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Septic Tank - Guidance for Trouble Free Service

09.05.2016  |  

Septic Tanks - Guidance For Trouble Free Service

A Septic Tank is a simple thing. If you follow this guidance you should get years of trouble free  service from your tank and soak-away.

1) Anything that’s been through a human is ok to go in the septic tank!

2) Anything that’s been through a washing machine, dishwasher, shower,  bath and sink is also ok to go through a septic tank.

3) Toilet paper and soft tissues can be flushed.

4) Anything else—cotton buds, sanitary products, wet wipes, nappies, oil, grease, paint, garden chemicals should be disposed of as household waste.

5) No rainwater into your tank—it could flush solids into the soakaway and block it up.

6) Empty the tank every year

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