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If your septic tank discharges to a stream or watercourse then a clock is ticking! You will have until 2020 to upgrade your system, after that time septic tanks will not be allowed to discharge directly to a watercourse.When the time comes to consider upgrading your septic tank contact us for free advice and options for the installation. 

 Every customer receives a fully personalised service to fit their specific requirements. Our aim is to help specify, supply and install the correct solution for the property and the customer. We can assist with all relevant application for consents and approvals with the Environment Agency and your local Building Control department.

Unblock Cumbria's installation team is not tied to one supplier; we can install the right system for you taking into account the local ground conditions, your personal preferences when it comes to the treatment process and your budget.

 Our team conducts an initial site survey to produce a comprehensive report and system design. We provide a no obligation quotation and, if accepted, a pre-installation site inspection, followed by installation of the waste management system, wiring and commissioning.

Our installation process is covered by our ISO 9001 accreditation and we follow a simple, logical process when we are developing and installing a sewage treatment solution for our customers. 

  • Your initial enquiry is developed into an option document to include estimated flows and loads and system options for the project. The system descriptions and loading calculations will be sent to the customer for review.
  • A site visit will then be arranged and conducted by our team ensuring the survey, design and quote will be as accurate as possible.
  • The customer will then receive their quotation. Once you are happy to proceed we start the legal stuff.
  • Consents, licences and building notices are applied for on behalf of the customer.
  • The installation is carried out as described in the quotation. 
  • Final adjustments and commissioning are then carried out by our team.    

We plan the work so that there is as little disruption as possible during the construction phase. We will take all steps to leave your property exactly as we found it.