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All About Our Drain Jetting

10.05.2022  |  

There are many techniques that can be tried to clear a blockage.  Some can be tried by anyone not trained in drain clearance and maintenance, while other techniques require more powerful equipment and in-depth knowledge of how to care for waste water pipes properly.

However, most drain clearance services use hydro drain cleaning to produce effective results on both commercial and domestic properties that call upon emergency drain unblocking services.  Regardless of the type of the drain system you have, whether you are connected to the main local sewage line, or you have a private septic tank, jet washing can be implemented to clean a blockage (although low pressure is better for septic tanks).

You may wonder exactly what drain jetting services are.  Put simply it is the use of a pressurised machine that creates jets of water to clear an obstruction and stoppage in your waste water pipes.  This water jetting for blocked drains is inserted into the pipe and the blockage is flushed down the pipe line, returning your pipes to full capacity once again.

Rather than just one jet of water facing forward, the drain jet usually has water propelling backwards and forwards as its it pushed through the pipe.  The pressure of water being pushed out behind the water jet tip, helps propel the jet through the pipe under its own power, so that the obstruction does not stop the progress of the hydro drain cleaning.

At times paper waste (toilet roll), oils & fats, food debris, and sludge blocks the pipe line, due to what has been flushed and poured down the drains.  However, there are times when a blockage is due to materials that have gotten through a break or crack in the pipe walls, maybe because of tree roots infiltrating the pipes and making any holes or damage worse, or due to the natural wear and tear of things.  No matter what the cause of the blockage, water jetting has the ability to clear the problem.  Our powerful jets are capable of even cutting though and removing even substantial tree rootage.

Once we know the exact location of the blockage, using our CCTV surveying equipment, we can apply our drain jetting to clear any emergency blockages that may be temporarily stopping from you from using your home or work facilities.  However, our maintenance services means that we can also use the CCTV equipment to check the overall health of your drainage system, and clear it completely with the powerful water jets to ensure your drains are kept in excellent condition.  This will limit any build up or damage that could create more problems that occurs because of time and neglect.   

So, whether you have need for an emergency drain clearance, or you need our maintenance services, we are here for you.  For emergencies, our 24 hours and day, 7 days a week service means you never have to go without the use of your drainage system.

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