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How to Prevent Drains becoming Blocked or Clogged?

11.02.2022  |  

At Unblock Cumbria, we understand the inconvenience a blockage can cause. Whether minor or major, in many cases, it can lead to damage to the property and stress for those having to deal with the nuisance of it all. We were founded in the 1980s and have decades of experience within our field of expertise. Over the years, we have tackled and resolved a multitude of issues and have identified the typical contributors and factors that cause blockages and clogs. Today, we would like to put forward our guide to preventing drains from becoming blocked and clogged, sharing our expert advice to avoid damage and costly repairs. Read on to find out more.

It may not be common knowledge, but many water pipe issues can be avoided through the correct maintenance and care. Often the occurrence of a flood from blockages or the slow running water from clogs usually results from something that has been building for some time.

Get A CCTV Survey

The best way to maintain and check the condition of a water pipe system is to get regular CCTV Surveys. With the use of hi-tech specialist cameras that we can move through the inside of the water system, we can check for any damage or potential future issues that may arise. This will provide peace of mind and understanding so you get any work done early if need be. A survey is also important for prospective buyers and will provide necessary information that could factor into the selling and purchasing of a property.


After a CCTV inspection, you will receive a comprehensive report that will detail exactly what is happening within the inspected water pipe system. You could have a build-up of debris, root intrusion or cracks and damage. These issues can easily be resolved, mostly with no excavation. To avoid the damages that will occur from leaks and floods, we have drain repairs services that can get your drains restored to peak performance once more.


Keeping the water pipe system clean can make a world of difference and reduce clogs and blockages from forming. Sometimes, the measures you have taken to respect what your water pipes can withstand are not enough. The state of the water pipes may also not be something you were responsible for, especially in public buildings where there is so much public use. We offer Drain Cleaning Services, including high power water jetting to get the pipes clean and clear.

Despite your best efforts, sometimes you will still experience problems. That is where we can also help. You can contact us for our blocked drain emergency services. We are available 24-hours, 7 days a week, and have a team of trained professionals, fully equipped to help resolve the problem.

If you would like to find out more about our drain services, including arranging a CCTV service or just need some further advice on care and maintenance. You can contact us through our online contact form, email, or phone number. We are always available to help.