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How weather affects drains?

06.02.2023  |  

Clogs in sewer systems can and will happen. If sticky waste particles or tree roots are not cleaned from the sewer pipes, the time will come when you discover the system has completely stopped. The thing is, sewage pipes are more challenging to clean than your domestic drain pipes. Dry soda, water, plunger, or plumbing snake can fix indoor drain issues, but licenced plumbers should handle sewage lines.

What Is Sewer Cleaning?

The term "sewer cleaning" refers to clearing the sewage pipes in and around a building of any debris that could cause backups. All debris is debris: garbage, dirt, oil, leaves, grit, sand, rags, and other items that can overflow drains and stop wastewater from entering the sewer system.

Wastewater from households, businesses, and other industries must flow freely through the sewer system and into the sewage treatment facility.

What Happens During Sewer Cleaning Service at the time of weather change?

Plumbing snakes and hydro-jetters are used in sewer cleaning services. The hydro-jetter is used to shoot water through the pipe with great pressure. The machine is particularly effective in removing any grime and grease buildup from within the line, thanks to the high concentration of hot water used in the process. Hydro-jetters are effective, but only for clearing out relatively small obstructions.

If the clog persists after that, the plumbers will likely snake the sewer. This plumbing snake looks like a futuristic take on the one you use around the house but with far better technology. The built-in motor facilitates the cable's insertion into the system, saving time for plumbers. The snake has two options for removing the obstruction: biting through it or hooking at it. The amazing thing about plumbing snakes is that they can do their job effectively without causing any harm to the pipe.

When Should You Schedule a Sewer Cleaning?

When these things occur, you know it's time to get your sewer lines cleaned:

  • Continual Blockages

If you have to keep clearing your indoor drains, likely, the clog wasn't eliminated the first time around. It's time to hire a professional plumber if you're constantly sewer cleaning up clogs from the shower and tub drains.

  • Foul-smelling

If a noxious stench comes from your drain, you may have a drainage issue. Usually, the problem is due to a backup or a broken pipe inside the system. Hire a plumber to check out your sewage lines and identify the source of the problem.

  • Several clogged drains

If you have a problem with two or more drains clogging at once, it probably is more complex than you think. The drain in your bathtub, the one in your toilet, the one in your sink, or the one on your floor could all be clogged.

  • Slow Draining

One such symptom of a faulty sewer system is slow draining. Slow-draining sink water could indicate a buildup in the pipes.

  • Backups

Your drains need to be fixed immediately if sewage is backing up into your home. It's against the rules to let wastewater pool in a yard instead of draining into the main sewer or a septic tank. Having to deal with sewer backup is a major hassle. Another way they could endanger your health is by contaminating your water supply.


Having clean drains also decreases the likelihood of costly repairs. Because, after all, clogged pipes are a leading cause of expensive domestic maintenance issues. Maintaining clean drains is analogous to clearing the walkways around a house.