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Covid -19

24.03.2020  |  

We will be providing an emergency service for all customers during the Covid - 19 crisis. 

It's important that we keep our teams safe whilst we attend to your problem so please bear with us when we ask some questions when you call. These will include:-

Is anyone in self-isolation at the property?

Is anyone ill at the property

Is there a vulnerable population at the property (care home, school, hospital etc)?

Is the blocked facility the only one available?

If the answer to any of questions 1-3 is yes and question 4 is yes, then we'll send a team. Don't be alarmed when they knock on your door - it's only PPE.

Please help us to do the job efficiently by keeping your distance from the team  -at least 2m or 6' 5" in old money. Please don't approach any open manholes or try to help the team. Once the job is complete we'll post a job card through to you. Please ring the office to pay - we can accept all major debit and credit cards (except American Express) and would prefer cashless during this time