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Summer 2019 Septic Tank Offers

28.05.2019  |  


Summer 2019 Septic Tank Emptying Offers

Chelsea Flower Show has been and gone, Wimbledon is on it’s way and it feels as though summer is here and we’ll all be spending more time outside in the heat. The last thing we need is the whiff of the septic tank or the soggy lawn so to ensure the summer is as enjoyable and trouble free as possible we are running these septic tank offers from 1st June 2019 to 31st August.

Septic tank emptying – single property up to 650 gallons £190 – including duty of care note and inspection report.

Book two tanks - If you and a near neighbour get your tanks emptied at the same time the price for the two tanks is £320  - that's only £160 each.

If you really get on with your neighbours and are on speaking terms with two of them then we can offer a really special deal – buy three get one free – that’s right, if there are three tanks to be emptied in the same visit then the cost will be £380, that’s £126.66 each.

Call our office and speak to our friendly staff on 01900 870140 to book these special offers.